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Apr 24, 2017 at 01:21 PM

date in filter option of the sapui5 list report


Hi Experts,

I have created sapui5 list report using list report template, i have one field "As on Date" in the selection fields of the report. this fields is showing as Multiinput instead of Datepicker on the screen. I want to show that field in

- There is no annotation coming from backend system.

- filed is type date (Edm.DateTime) in the backend.

- in metdata file i have maintained sap:display-format="Date" property

-Metadata file:

<Property Name="Dmdt" Type="Edm.DateTime" Nullable="false" Precision="7" sap:label="As on date" sap:creatable="false" sap:updatable="false" sap:sortable="false" sap:display-format="Date"/>

I want to show field as Datepicker.

Please suggest way forward.