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Former Member
Dec 13, 2006 at 06:44 PM

Need help using method check_changed_data correctly


I'm using method check_changed_data in my ALV program to update the grid with changes the user makes. The method works fine for this purpose. But I also want to know if any data actually changed. Can anyone give me an example?

FORM update_vendor .

  • do I need to call a different method before check_changed_data ?

call method gridhead->check_changed_data.

  • is there a parameter available here to see if anything actually

  • changed?

loop at gt_head into wa_head.

clear wa_head-lifnam.

select single name1 into wa_head-lifnam

from LFA1 where lifnr eq wa_head-lifnr.

if sy-subrc eq 0.

modify gt_head from wa_head.



ENDFORM. " update_vendor