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Dec 13, 2006 at 02:11 PM

call transaction 'ZXXX' .............


Hi All,

Iam creating a module pool pgm which has got 3 screens.First 2 belong to one pgm and the third screen is a seperate oops pgm.Now when i call the second pgm using call transaction in the PAI of the first pgm i need to pass a value let say an idoc number.How can i achieve this.


screen 100 PAI.

case sy-ucomm.

when 'DETAILS'.

call transaction 'ZXXX' and skip first screen.


Now from this pgm i need to pass the idoc number to pgm 2. I can define a variable for the idoc num in the third screen and need to pass this value. Incae if the screens belong to the same pgm i know we can use get cursor.but in this scenario how do v approach.

Please do let me.