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Former Member
Dec 13, 2006 at 01:16 PM

Transfer Rules problem - Version problem ?


Hello all,

I've got a "little" problem (or bug?).

I created an infosource which sends its datas to a cube.

The infosource has got datas from a datsource (TXT file) .

All was good. I could see datas on Bex...

But i wanted to change (and not create) a routine for 0CALMONTH in the transfer rule. This routine works. But when I manage the Infocube and i look at the new request, i'v got the datas of a previous request.

I clear all (PSA, demands...). And it keeps a old version of datas...

All is saved and actived!

I test to put "nothing" at 0CALMONTH (0CALMONTH <- X), i save, i active, i clear old datas, i launch infopackage, and i look at results for 0CALMONTH in the InfoCube.

And..... i still see results from the older version, and not an empty column....

So, can you help me for this problem???