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Dec 13, 2006 at 11:00 AM

In SAP-SCRIPT value gets displayed in debugging mode & does not in the Norm



Iam working on a SAP-SCRIPT form related to the Production order printing, I have copied the form from the standard script and working on the same, the issue here is that I have added some of my fields in the appropriate text-elements of the Main Window. The values of the fields I get by doing a perform trhough SAP-SCRIPT in some other Z-program.

Now the problem here is that, while I activate the debugger in the program or the sap-script or in both of them the corresponding values are displayed appropriately in the text elements, but when the SAP-SCRIPT is run in the normal mode (debugging off) no values are displayed in the script. i.e the select condition itself fails in the script, Iam trying to display the JCDS-USNAM & JCDS-UDATE (i.e the person responsible for releasing the Prodn Order & the Date ) this fields gets populated properly when the form is run in the debugging mode, but in the normal mode sy-subrc is 4 all the times after the corresponding select. (the related select statement is on the aufk-objnr = jcds-objnr and jcds-stat = 'I0002')

Can anyone please help me out in letting me know where does the problem exactly I have been working on this for the last 2 days...

Thanks in Advance,