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Dec 13, 2006 at 10:20 AM

Current location Assignment details of the employee


Hi All,

Where do I find the current location assignment details of an employee?

<u>Meaning of Current Location Assignment</u> :

<i>An employee ABC is located in XYZ Corp, MumBAI, Currently his Company Location Assignment would be -<b> ABC, XYZ Corp, MumBAI</b>. When he is on a business trip to NewYork, this Company Location Assignment changes to –

<b>ABC, XYZ Corp, NewYork</b>.</i>

Which infotype do I source this info from ?

IT0006 - is related to personal address

IT0032 - just gives the Room Num/Floor num

IT1028 - gives the business address, but this again is connected to the <b>position</b> of the employee, but in the scenario above the position or the org unit is never changed.

SO where do I get the current location assignment details of the employee ?

Kindly let me know about this asap, very urgent..

Good answers will be awarded

Best Regards, Girish