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Dec 13, 2006 at 09:22 AM

case study


• Assume that the level at which the Finished Goods is defined in material

master is at ‘EACH’ level – i.e. a consumer unit (e.g Tea 100g packet).

• This can be produced and packed in 2 types of Cartons –

1st with 100 packets per Carton and 2nd with 50 packets per Carton.

• During production booking, I should be able to toggle choose any of the

above packing configuration and consumption need to happen accordingly.

• Even though Alternate BOM would be one of the solution, how do we ensure

that the correct BOM is selected during production entry.

• It is very important that the packing configuration is chosen correctly, since it would impact the related consumption / costing etc.

o How do we handle the same without using Alternate BOM