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Dec 13, 2006 at 06:44 AM

Consumption Based Planning


Consumption Based Planning

We upload all the consumption values of a material in the

material master completely....and maintain the forecasting view of the

material master ....then on i will run

1)Total forecast MP38

2)Copy forecast Values MD70 ( now here i have to enter the plant and the

selection period upto which i want the system to propose the

forecasted requirements as per my past consumptions....say from today

till next 5 months....for which i have to give a plan name so that i

can pick all the details of the forecast values in demand management

by the plan name in MD62)

Now one of our user has run forecast for one

of our plants by MP38.....and when copying the forecasted values to

demand management by MD70,


And now he has already converted the demand of that duration into PR's

which run into not less than 2500 PR' also he says that those

requirements in the PR are not correct also...and have given a very

high requirement to be he wants to delete the PR's....and for that he

does not have a plan name so that he can delete that....(if he deletes

the plan....then the PR's generated cos of that plan can be deleted


So now he wants me to somehow identify those PR's and tell him so that he can

1) Modify the requirement and release it for procurement


2) He wants to update that plan name for that forecast and

subsequently delete it

Can u help me on this.....

Kaashif M