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Dec 13, 2006 at 06:39 AM

Enhancements and data loading......



0material_attr is a master data to load this data from R/3 i was asked to do flexi update in BW. if so how shud i go about. And not just loading the master data but in future we would need to load the transaction data. i think if we go for flexi update for both master data loading and transaction data loading for 0material_attr then there wont be any problem, right?

and also if we need to load the data from flat file then we can create another datasource for the infosource apart from R/3 to extract data from flat file, am i correct?

2. if i want to enhace LO's datasource with some business content fields then i can do so in LBWE. pls confirm if what i am saying is correct or not. so once we go to LBWE and add the neccessary fields then in RSA6 we just have to transport it i think.

3. regarding transportation, when i enhance a cube with 2 fields or so then how shud i save the changes, does this be saved under new request or the existing request? this testing of enhanced cube will be done in develpment server and so what is the best way to do. The cube which i would need to enhance is already being used in production server. now i just have to enhance that cube with fields and transport it. how shud i go about?