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Dec 13, 2006 at 06:05 AM

Cell Selection in ALV


We have the requirement to provide the ability to select a single cell or multiple cells and then link to another screen (popup) webdynpro. Basically I am using the Linktoaction editor type for the cell now but that just provides a single selection.

Does anyone know or have an idea how to set up multiple cell selection?

Basically the user would like to select a number of cells in the same manner as you can from Excel. I have an idea of how to work around using the Link to action but it is not pretty.

Also, since we are on the topic of ALV, can you set up the ALV to use a scroll bar instead of the buttons for going up and down the list. This has actually been tagged as a high requirement for the users.

Is it me, or has the Webdynpro ALV lost functionality over what the GUI ALV had? The application we are building is very much geared on functionality and using the ALV but I seem to be getting stymied in a lot of areas with the WebDynpro version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.