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Mass deletion of contacts - batch processing?

Apr 24, 2017 at 07:05 AM


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Dear Community,

is there a way to delete contacts in a batch and not only one by one?
E.g. via csv-import, segmentation or a sap-report?

Thank you,
kind regards

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Former Member Apr 26, 2017 at 12:35 AM

The following transactions are available to delete the Interaction Contacts, performed in below order

  1. CUAN_CE_IC_SET_COLD - Interaction Contacts: Set to 'Cold'
  2. CUAN_CE_IC_DEL_COLD - Interaction Contacts: Delete 'Cold'

In case you want to delete based on database-key, use table CUAND_CE_IC_ROOT and field DB_KEY.

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Dear Komur,

I am working on HM On premise and I am executing the following reports:

  4. But I have problem, I can see that all the interactions tables are empty, they don't have information.

    But in the user interface the contact information still remains.

    It doesn't happen with the segmentation information. It seems that this information is empty (because what I've execute) but the contact information still remains.

    Do you know why it could be?


    Belén Paladino

    Former Member
    Belen Paladino

    Dear Belen,

    CUAN_DELETE_INTERACTIONS is actually not necessary when executing CUAN_CE_IC_SET_COLD if you use the flag "Incl. Despite Dep. Interaction". Could you first check whether your IC tables have any entries? For instance, CUAND_CE_IC_FCET and CUAND_CE_IC_ROOT.

    If you execute as following, the interactions and all facets will be deleted too. Be careful though if your intention was not to delete all Interaction Contacts.

    If none of the above help you out, the next step would be to create an incident.

    With regards.



    Dear Komur,

    I appreciate a lot your help. I wasn't executing the report correctly.

    I will follow your indications.

    With regards,