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One inspection lot for multiple batches

Apr 24, 2017 at 07:11 AM


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Hi Team

We are using pellet process in production i.e. one batch number for each pellet is made. Currently against one production order no. if 10 pellets are confirmed then 10 batches are made and against each batch one inspection lot is created. Our requirement is to create one inspection lot for one production order even multiple batches are created. We made settings for inspection lot creation at production order release and inspection lot is created initially without any reference of batch no. but when we do GR for multiple batches, multiple inspection lots created. Please help how we can map it and keep trace ability also that this lot is created for these no. of batches.


Ramesh Kumar

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1 Answer

Craig S
Apr 24, 2017 at 05:20 PM

Have you done any searches on this? It has been asked many times over. In here not too long ago if I remember properly.

The answr is no. Not for batches. By definition, batches have different properties, therefore they would each have different test results. hence different inspection lots..

If you want to test all pellets as individual units and have them tested separately, you need to use a different process in SAP. Possibly either physical samples or inspection points might work. But with 04 lots, all the pellets would be under a single batch.

If you work with 03 lots, partial lots maybe might help you..

Please do some more research.


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