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Dec 12, 2006 at 10:16 PM

Portal, BW and Datasources for users



Our current system toplogy looks like this:

We have a Portal and BW (NW04s) which share one Java Application Server.

Since the main work is creating BW reports and presenting them at the portal, the users are being created at the BW System, the roles are being built over there and everything is exported to the portal. The Application Server is not an ABAP one but since the users created in BW and transported to the portal they are considering as an ABAP Datasource. This means that the main feed of the portal are users created on the BW.

What we would like to do is change the main feed of the portal to our Active Directory server which will handle user creation/deletion/modification. This means that the portal and the BW will no longer share the same Datasource and my questions are:

1. Is our current work procedure correct?

2. How can we reflect this change to the BW as well, so it will "know" the new toplogy? Do we need to maintain now two sets of users, one for the portal and one for the BW system?

3. What will happen with all the users already created on the BW and transported to the portal and their authorizations?

4. At this new toplogy, who will be in charge of creating the roles and managing the authorizations, the BW side or the portal side?