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Former Member
Dec 12, 2006 at 09:52 PM

Issues with Alert monitoring


I am working for a petroleum corp and i have the following issues :

1. I have to configure alert configuration in a central monitoring environment (A) i.e. there is one server which is going to do this for all systems in landscapte, i have made alert configuration earlier but w.r.t. one system . I have gone through lot of documentation too.

2. Now based on this : I have to configure GRMG , RZ21 on the central monitoring machine . also i would like to know about xi alerts. Generally xi alerts are identified through alert categories (after above steps) and rules.

Now if there is a central monitoring system which is configured to receive alerts , where would i define alert categories and where would i define rules? are these independent i.e. define categories and rules on individual machine ? little confusing ?

Please advice

Poturi krishna