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Dec 12, 2006 at 04:32 PM

Importing Client certificates in XI Visual Administrator


We are attempting to invoke a 3rd party web service from XI that requires use of client certificates. We have received the partner certificate as well as the certificate of the CA that signed it. Both have been imported into the Visual Admin tool. The CA cert is in the TrustedCAs view while the client one is in the service_ssl view.

In the receiver SOAP comm channel config, I choose "Configure Certificate Authentication". However, when I choose the input help, I do not see the certificates I imported visible at all. The only ones that are allowed to be chosen are certificates that are associated with private keys.

IN our case there is no private key since this is a partner's certificate. MY understanding is that if we initiate the communication, we use their public key to encrypt and they have the private key which allows them to decrypyt.

Is there some special procedure we need to follow in order to see the certificates in the list?? WIthout choosing the right certificate we're currently getting handshake errors which I believe are related to the issue.

I will reward points for any helpful answers. I have tried searching but haven't found much on this. Thanks!