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Dec 12, 2006 at 10:37 AM

How To Update only characteristics in ODS or in Cube


Hi, All BW Gurus,

Here i got a scenario in which i have to update only charasteristics in ODS so how to achieve this. I have created two Generic Data Sources one from MSEG and other from RSEG table. for that i have created two ODS and from this ODS i am updating one more ODS,

Now from here i am creating report like Global Purchase.

from here i can see all different wise report like Plant, company,broker , trader,purchasing group, purchase org,supplying vendor,

my problem is i am updating data from RSEG table where I do not have all thias different charasteristics so it is not possible to show IV Value and Quantity. ,but if i can update all these req charasteristics against Purchae Order Doc and Item then it is possible. so can any body tell me hoe to solve this problem

Thanks in Adavance.

I know best way to reward.

Kiran Patel