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Uploading file to AL11 with CG3Z issues

Apr 22, 2017 at 07:03 PM


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Hi Experts,

Am trying to upload csv file from CG3Z to AL11.

My file has very long header.

So after upload, in Al11, in file header in splitting into 3 lines.

I want header to fit in one line.

Can you please help me out.



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2 Answers

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Sandra Rossi Apr 22, 2017 at 08:57 PM

Probably your CSV file contains "newline" characters at the end of a few column headings (shown at positions X hereafter: "search fieldX", "Summarized Characteristic RecordingX"...) Correct your file in Excel, and try uploading again. If it doesn't work, please attach the CSV file here (zip it beforehand).

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Hi Sandra,

I edited excel, it is issue with Excel only.

Two questions :

1.Can't we use split at horizontal tab for both , (csv) AND # (tab delimited)

2.When scheduling job in background, job getting failed since filepath(AL11 PATH) given in variant is not taking, it is blank, I got to know when I debug failed job using JDBG.

But I had also given session name and radio button (p_al11) , these two values I can see in debug mode, but only p_al11filepath is not taking and hence open data statement failing which is causing job to fail.

I'll make this thread as answered,

Can you please share your above answers too please, it'll valuable to me.

Since I need to schedule background job and I need to give AL11 in variant, but variant getting blank in job.

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Thanks and kind regards,



1. If you are talking about the ABAP program, how to split the line at semicolon (;) and horizontal tab positions at the same time, you may simply replace horizontal tabs with ";" then split at ";" only

2. I don't know your program, so I can't help you. If your path is passed via a parameter (SUBMIT ... WITH p_path = '/.../.../file.csv' VIA JOB ...), you may display the used program variant in SM37 and see that the path is empty, no need to JDBG.

(PS: no private email as per forum rules)


(PS: no private email as per forum rules)

Absolutely right!

priya ramani Apr 23, 2017 at 12:06 PM

Sandra, I have two files, my client may pass, .csv(comma separated) or .txt (tab demilted)

In my code open dataset in text mode default.

Then read ,

Then split at horizontal tab ( this line is splitting only # separated means txt dimilted, but it is not accepting or splitting comma separated means .csv file.

I wanted both files to be processed.

Second question resolved, I was clearing p_file.

Thanks and kind regards,


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