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Former Member
Dec 11, 2006 at 06:09 AM

Excise invoice printing problem (page skiping)


Hi all,

Issue: Excise invoice printing as maintained in billing document.

In each page, page no, address, so no etc will come in the header portion.

In main window, I have to print out 10 line items of billing doc.

If line items exceeds 10 lines then subsequent items should be printed in the following page. And at the very last page, asseable amount, vat, tax amount, mode of transport & amount in words should be printed.

It is getting printed superb without header text of billing doc.

Requirement is that after printing completed of all line items, first seven line of billing documents header details (eg FG, semifinished, packing, size, etc.) are to be printed.(eg if line item is 10, then header details will be printed in the last page containing footer details). I have declared two text element in main window (one is item, another is header text). My requirement is to control dynamically print of items as well as header text in main window. I have declared 7.60 MM of main window height which is suitable for only 10 line item printing. Header text will come only on last page. I have declared 7 different header text variable in main window as maintioned in driver program. If there is no header text in billing document, it is giving 7 blank line feed after items printed.(eg if i have 10 or 20 line items then it is giving one extra page for 7 lines blank header text). I want to control this page skipping. If there is no header text then I want to finish printing in that particular page where items are being finished. It should be dynamic.

Pls help.