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Dec 09, 2006 at 04:19 AM

Our JDBC Communication Channels stopped working overnight.



Our JDBC Communication Channels stopped working overnight in our DEV environment.

  • We have recently upgraded our JVM to SR7 (IBM JVM); we upgraded our DEV and QA environments.

  • A regression test of all of our interfaces was conducted after the upgrade and no issues were found during regression testing.

  • No other changes were applied to the machines, JVMs, or XI configuratins since regression testing was completed.

  • Our QA environment is still running fine ! ? i.e. this does not seem to be an SR7 issue etc ..

For no apparent reason, all our JDBC communication channels in teh development environment are reporting the same error in the runtime workbench; as per below:

- "Exception: Channel with Status Unknown or Not Registered"

- "Channel has internal error"

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might have occurred ?

Any suggestions as to what might be the cause ?

Regards and Thanks Filip,

PS: I do realise this is a vague question with the info that I supplied; but this all I have at this time.