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Dec 08, 2006 at 04:13 PM

Help: Error Work item xxxxxxxxx currently locked by user 'WF-BATCH' ()



Here we are using SAP 4.6C and we have a workflow in production system that is giving error messages on its log indicated by a red semaphore. <b>By clicking on the semaphoro</b> it gives me the message:<b> "Work item xxxxxxxxx currently locked by user 'WF-BATCH' ()."</b>

This is a dialog task processing with a terminating event. When the user is completing the task, the abap custom code (we are using a Z-program) trigger the event so this task can receive this event and the workflow can continue.

But <b>when this terminating event is triggered (Terminating event received), occurs this error showed above.</b>

Until now I didn't found any explanation about it and I know that the database is get dumps a lot. I've studied and found out that the dumps happened in the moment that the sub-workflow was on a fork and one wait for step listenned a event and probably tryied to kill others fork's legs. I know that because on workflow log, on this workflow log's line show messages saying that was impossible to change task (one of the task that is in another leg in the fork) status to cancelled...with red semaphoro.

p.s.: This error don't happen for all workflows initiated. It's happening with some workflows only.

p.s2: I've forgot to say that the production system here is very heavy, and all the tests in Developing system was alright!


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