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Dec 08, 2006 at 09:13 AM

Collect mailmessages with attachments (xml)


I am getting some problems to collect a mail message with a XML attachment.

For this scenario I use the Sender Mail adapter and I would like to collect several mail messages with attachments for 10 minutes and put them together in one file with the File Adapter (NFS).

To make it not to complicated I started to read one mail message with attachment.

From the mail message I would like to use the message text in the mail. The attachment is an XML file with 3 fields (Name, Adress, ID).

The output file is based on :

- Message (input is the text in the mail message)

- Name

- Adress

- ID

My CC Mail Sender settings are:

Transport protocol: Pop3

Message protocol: XIPayload

Mailattributes : Use Mail Package = yes

Keep Attachments = yes

Based on several how to’s from this website, how to import mails with attachments.

When this message is send to XI the substance tells me in the monitor that I use 2 Payloads:

- Mail Message (text/xml;charset=utf-8)

- MailAttachment-1 (text/xml;name=”testattachment.xml”)

Because I would like to combine those 2 messages into 1 file. I use a fork in BPM.

To create relation for BPM I added after the inbound receiving for each input message a field “relation”, which is needed for correlation in BPM.

But my problem is, because the payload exist of 2 messages and it is only possible to reach only on at the same time..

In my message mapping I have two inputs: Mail and Attachment and my output is one message.

Is their a solution how I can combine those 2 payloads into one, before it’s getting into the BPM scenario or where I can use more payloads at the same time?

I already tried looking for this at post on SDN, but I could not find anything similar.