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Former Member
Dec 07, 2006 at 05:47 PM

Recordset per Message and then group again


Hi All,

Advise would be aprreciated for the following issue we are having on a productive environment.

The interface gets a 3.4MB file from a FTP server, performa a mapping and then saves a new file to the receiver ftp server.

Sometimes, we get an error because the xml message that the AE sends to the IE does not contains all the information as the flat file. It seems that it runs out of resources and does not finish the xml transformation process.

I have read several post in the SDN and even sap notes, about using the Recordset per Message option. However, this way I get a lot of IE messages but, also a lot of files in the FTP server and I only need 1. Is there any way I can split them to avoid this issue and then put them all together again? I don't like the "Append option".

Thanks and kind regards,

David Encinas.