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Apr 20, 2017 at 09:04 PM

Personas 3.0 SP4 Field History



We are having an issue with using field history in Personas. For some reason if we choose to use a value from the history for field in Personas the field.text value has l_history_ appended to the value. This causes the variables to be set with the wrong value. Example...Vendor ID 1000050 selected from history of a F4 field will set a variable to l_history_1000050 which will cause the script to fail. If we just type 1000050 directly and do not use history the script will run correctly since the variable will be set to 1000050. Any assistance would be appreciated. 1st Screen shot shows the field. Second screenshot shows the value for text which was typed directly into field. Third screenshot shows the value for text after being selected from history.

Thanks Ryan


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