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Former Member
Dec 07, 2006 at 03:44 PM

RSCRM_BAPI problem



1. I’d like to create a csv file from a query which is working fine (it is printed as a table in order to mix KF and Chars)

2. But the flat file is not recorded in the same column order, I’ve tried creating views but flat file still doesn’t respect the query’s order.

3. Examples:

Branch(Char)__Supplier(Char)__Item(Char)__Quantity(KF)__Reception Date(Char) <- Query

Branch(Char)__Supplier(Char)__Item(Char)__Reception Date(Char)__Quantity(KF) <- Flat File

4. The processes which will take this flat file need the Quantity before Reception Date.

5. I’ve tried with Infospoke but there is no Scheduling nor flexible selection.

Is there a way to change the flat file or column order via RSCRM_BAPI?

Is there another way to get it?


I’m using BW 3.5 and BEx (no Web). I’ll appreciate you help. Thanks in advanced.