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Connect SFTP with HCI using eclipse

Apr 20, 2017 at 05:35 PM


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I am using eclipse for HCI and want to use SFTP for reading and writing the files.

I was following this article (How to Configure SFTP for SAP HCI), but stuck at some steps.

1) What is SSH Server? Is it same like i go to filezilla and access my sftp directory.

2) At the following step, I downloaded the system.jks file

"Open the “system.jks” file with “KeyStore Explorer”
and input the password"

but when I try to open it, it asks me a password, and for that I found this.

I simply want to access SFTP using HCI.

Any particular assistance, or guidance


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4 Answers

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Former Member
Apr 20, 2017 at 11:56 PM

Hi Wajahat,

To help understanding the terms and how you can communicate with an SFTP server, I would direct you to the following links:

On your specific question,

1. SFTP works in a client-server fashion. When HCI is reading from an SFTP server, it is the client. So, by SSH server - we mean the SFTP server.

2. You can connect to an SFTP server using certificate-based communication or username/ password -based communication. Which one are you using? If you are using username/ password - you do not have to exchange the keys. You need to only deploy the known_hosts file of the server:

You can check the connectivity to your SFTP server, too: Check this link:

Hope you are able to proceed with this information.

Best Regards,


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Thanks for help. I am using certificate-based communication. I added a folder using filezilla namely ".ssh" and added the "authorized_keys" file in it. but still WinSCP and filezilla are unable to authenticate.

Rajanikanth Kristam
Apr 20, 2017 at 08:18 PM

If you raise incident to update the system.jks. You wont be able to edit that file.

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Gayathri Narayana
Apr 21, 2017 at 07:16 AM

Hi Wajahat,

The keystore is managed by SAP. So if you would like to modify or add any certificates to it, please raise a customer incident to LOD-HCI.



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Former Member Mar 13 at 10:18 AM

Exchanging files is a very common scenario. You may have files to exchange that contain your HR data or your finance data and so and so forth or there may be legacy systems which can accept only files. In any case exchanging files becomes a very important activity.

How SFTP Works?

In the HCI (HANA Cloud Integration) world, when we connect to an SFTP server, HCI acts as the client. HCI never acts as the server whether it is pulling data from an SFTP server or pushing data to an SFTP server. In both cases, HCI works as the client and you have the server.

Read more here How to Connect SFTP Server from SAP HCI

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