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Change BICS connection to all webi reports BI4.2 SP03

Apr 20, 2017 at 12:06 PM


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Hi All,

Can I maintain two BW entitlement systems ?

->Yes, I can.

Now I would like to make a copy of all existing reports and BICS connections and point them to the new BW system on the same BO server so that I can slowly phase out reports based on old BW server.

-> can i achieve this.

any suggestion would be helpful.

I have thought of overrides however that would only help if the source and destination is different.

I am trying to avoid manual work here.


I thought of creating a new parent folder and copy all reports to it then similarly create new parent folder in OLAP connections and copy all connection to it and modify them all to point to the new BW server.

Now if I link each copied report manually to the new connection then this might work however again this is too much manual work.

Any thoughts or suggestion?

Environment details:

BI4.2 Sp03

Standalone environment

Default tomcat


Oracle 11g CMS DB

Dev server

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2 Answers

Denis Konovalov
Apr 21, 2017 at 06:46 PM

you need to have dev and prod systems as making changes like that in prod is a very bad idea.
if you have single server then only manual change is possible.

Unless you're good with coding and can use BOE SDK to make a script that changes connection.

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Former Member

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your response.

We have different dev, test and prod servers.

Will this make any difference in avoiding the manual work.

If I had sandbox environment then I could have used overrides and updated these connections.




then you simply use overrides, so you don't need to do anything manually.

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Denis Konovalov

I could use overrides however I already have reports and connection in sync in other environments.(test and prod)

which means reports and connections with same CUID already exist in test and prod.

So if I promote report or connection from dev to test/prod then it would just overwrite the existing ones and will not create new ones.

Requirement is to maintain old reports as well as copy of old reports separately pointing to their respective connections.

For eg:)

In dev I have report1 and connection pointing to BW1

Now req is to have

copy of report1 and connection pointing to BW2.

Thus I have report1 and its copy and both pointing to their separate data sources.


so them copy existing reports in source, setup overrides and promote those copies to destination and as a result you'll have original reports in destination and new reports with new bics connections.

When you copy report its CUID changes.

Former Member
Denis Konovalov

Overrides will overwrite the old connection as it compares CUID and we would like to keep old connection as well.

Kiran Bonam Jun 28 at 07:06 PM


We also got similar issue...

We are in process of BOBJ Upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 SP5, as part of this migration we want to change all our existing multiple BICS connections to point a single connection. We have around 300 reports which would take much time to change manually for each report and we want to avoid this manual work.

So do we have any mass update thing like changing multiple connections to a single connection ? Need your help and inputs on this please ?

Our Current environment: BOBJ Dev -> BOBJ Prod

New 4.2 Environment is: BOBJ Dev - QA - Prod.

Down the line we want to develop/changes only in Dev and promote across QA and PROD. As part of this we moved our existing BOBJ reports content from BOBJ Prod to existing BOBJ Dev 4.1 and started cleaning. In this regard, we need suggestions on how to change multiple connections to a single BICS connection.

Thank you,


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