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Multi-flow Pattern in SAPUI5: Full - SplitApp - Full -- < using manifest.json >

Hello Experts,

I want to implement a multi-flow pattern in my application. Navigating from full screen to a Split App and then Full screen.

I notice that the sub-routes is deprecated since 1.28. I know how to do this using the sub-routes. What I am trying to do now is to use the manifest.json in order to implement this functionality and I am struggling a little. I was wondering if any of you has achieved this already.

I have tried to use several of the target properties such as: parent, controlID, control aggregation... but I always end up with errors.

Any help would be appreciated =)

this is my example so far...

	"routing": {
			"config": {
				"routerClass": "sap.m.routing.Router",
				"viewType": "XML",
				"viewPath": "portaltest.view",
				"controlId": "app",
				"controlAggregation": "pages",
				"async": true
			"routes": [{
				"pattern": "",
				"name": "worklist",
				"target": ["worklist"]
			}, {
				"pattern": "Project_MDR/{objectId}",
				"name": "master",
				"target": ["objectMDR", "detail", "master"]
			}, {
		           "pattern": "Project_MDR/{objectId}/cam_{campId}",
				"name": "objectMDR",
				"target": ["master", "detail"]
			"targets": {
				"worklist": {
					"viewName": "Worklist",
					"viewId": "worklist",
					"viewLevel": 1
				"objectMDR": {
					"viewName": "MD.MD_App",
					"viewId": "Split_App",
					"viewLevel": 2,
					"controlAggregation": "pages",
					"controlId": "app"
				"master": {
					"viewName": "MD.MD_Master",
					"viewId": "MD_Master",
					"viewLevel": 3,
					"controlAggregation": "masterPages"
				"detail": {
					"viewName": "MD.MD_Detail",
					"viewId": "MD_Detail",
					"viewLevel": 4,
					"controlAggregation": "detailPages"

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,

David Vela

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    Apr 20, 2017 at 12:31 PM
    "master": {"parent":"objectMDR",controlId:"YOURSPLITAPPID","viewName": "MD.MD_Master","viewId": "MD_Master","viewLevel": 3,"controlAggregation": "masterPages"},
    "detail": {"parent":"objectMDR",controlId:"YOURSPLITAPPID","viewName": "MD.MD_Detail","viewId": "MD_Detail","viewLevel": 4,"controlAggregation": "detailPages"}

    give it a try. you have to replace

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