Time bucket Disaggregation of key figure based on some attribute in SAP IBP

Apr 20, 2017 at 11:23 AM


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Hi All,

We have a requirement of dis aggregating value of a key figure to another key figure on a time bucket basis. We called it as Phasing The requirement is detailed below.

"KF 1" (Please refer to the attachment) is having a value in the month of Dec i.e. 1000. Now this value of "KF1" has to be dis aggregated to "KF2" (Jan to Dec) based on the percentage defined in "Profiles". There will be N number of profiles and planner should have the ability to dynamically choose which profile to be used for this disaggregation. For example- There are two products i.e. Product 1 & Product 2. For Product 1, planner uses profile 1 for disaggregation and for product 2 planner uses profile 2 for disaggregation. Can you please help me in finding a solution to fulfill this requirement?


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Matheus Korndoerfer
Apr 20, 2017 at 01:28 PM

Hello Pranay,

Thinking about using only Key Figures, I don't have any ideas at the moment - it'd require some testings. But have you considered using a Local Member for 'KF2'? This way you could add calculations like: cell B5 = $M$4 * B3.
In case you don't the planner doesn't want to consider a specific profile, they can just remove/update the calculation for 'KF2'.

I think this is a valid option, but let's see if other colleagues also have some ideas as well.

Best regards,

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