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Dec 06, 2006 at 12:00 PM

MM-CIN: Dealer Purchase with mvt types103 /105


Dear friends,

When we are buying from the dealer, he gives the quote including the excise duties & Purchase Order will be issued , the price of which includes the Excise duties and VAT/CST. When he sends the Excise Invoice at that time, he will give the details of the excise duty paid, so that we can be able to take credit in our registers

To address this, at the time of Goods receipt, excise invoice will be captured by selecting the MRP indicater in the "Miscellaneous" tab& then we will give the duty amounts as applicable. The method is suggested by the SAP in case of Dealer POs.

So, system reduces the duty amounts from the material inventory cost (GR/IR clearing account) since we claim back the duty amounts by way of CENVAT creidit. This scenorio is working fine when we are taking the Goods receipt with 101, but if we do GR with 103 & 105 system is not reducing the duty amounts from the Material Cost (BSX).

That amount is getting reduced from material at the time of Invoice. That leads to problems if we do not have sufficient stock by the time invoice is verified..

Can anyone suggest me, why system is working properly with 101 mvt, where as not with 103 & 105 combination.

103 & 105 combination is nothing but same effect as 101. What I feel is it should work but please suggest where i am doing wrong?

Your solution will help me a lot.

thanking you in advance


With Regards,

Srinivasa Prasad