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Blogs: Target audiences (e.g. Partners)? Can everyone view everything?

I work for a SAP Partner, so I'm not surprised to see blogs targeted to partners, like this:

I'm always wondering, though: Is such content visible to anyone in the community? Or are they somehow hidden to non-partners? (SAP has the knowledge that I'm associated with a partner, based on my S-User, so it sure would be possible...)

I guess it's viewable for all, but only useful to some?! (In my example above, the links all go to, so if you're not a partner that blog is not of help to you... it's kind of the same with Languages you don't understand, isn't it?).
So are there maybe some rules for authors which tags to use (and which not!), if they address a special audience (like partners, Enterprise Support Customers ...) ?



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2 Answers

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    Apr 20, 2017 at 10:11 AM

    The blog in the link is viewable in anonymous mode, so yes, everybody can see these.

    Are they useful to non-partners? I cannot really say, but there are at least two valid use cases, where such global visibility makes sense:

    * Some users prefer RSS feeds and log on to the site only if they need to perform some activity.

    * Some users have multiple user IDs (S* users for reading notes and other administrative tasks. and a P* one - for the forum, they do not use RSS, but subscribe to tags instead). If the blogs were visible only when you log on with the company-provided user, you could miss some announcement.

    I am still struggling with some aspects of tags in the site, so I don't know whether such blogs share a common tag - if this is the case, it would be handy, because you could set up a subscription via RSS to this tag only in your dedicated browser for SAP notes search.

    I choose whether to read a blog or not mostly by the blog title and author (this means one blog in about two pages). It would be good, if somewhere in the title there were text [Partneredge], but this is not a big issue.

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  • Apr 20, 2017 at 06:48 PM

    I guess "visible to everyone but useful only to some" applies to many SCN blogs. :) E.g. personally I couldn't care less about some BOBJ stuff but others find it helpful. In this particular blog, the primary tag (Partnership) seems correct and secondary tags rather reasonable. But the title could've been better.

    As Veselina noted, some users prefer RSS feeds and I believe that noting in the blog title that it is for partners would be the best option here. My RSS reader does not show the SCN tags, so I wouldn't know by the blog title that I'm not really invited to "join".

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