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SLT Capturing Delete Image

Apr 20, 2017 at 06:44 AM


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I have a special requirement to capture the delete image in HANA during the SLT process. For E.g. If a record gets deleted in SAP, the SLT sends the delete image to HANA and the HANA system captures the delete image and deletes that record from the replication table.

I have managed to write a ABAP code which can capture the deleted records, update them to "U" and also updates the custom delete flag field to X and sends it to HANA but unfortunately I'm able to capture only the Primary Key values for the delete image, the other non Primary Key fields are blank and hence I only have the partial data for delete image i.e. (data only for Primary Key)

E.g Below is the table TAB1, the primary Key is ID. Consider the data with Primary Key 456 has deleted. I'm still able to retain 456 in the HANA system but the NAME & Phone Number (Non Primary Key ) is blank.

Snapshot before deleteion

ID Name Phone Number

123 ABC 23456

456 DEF 78901

789 GHI 87654

Snapshot in HANA after deletion Timestamp Delete Flag

ID Name Phone Number

123 ABC 23456 20150124010230

456 (Current Timestamp) X

789 GHI 87654 20150124010230

I saw a blog where they have requested to write a logic to SKIP the Records in case of delete image but I have to update the change timestamp of delete record in HANA and flag from "D" to "U".

Is there a way to do it.



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3 Answers

Andrey Martynov
Apr 21, 2017 at 07:15 AM

If I understand your task correctly, it doesn't help you to change the operation flag from D to U in logging table.
If the record already deleted in application table SLT has no chance to find the record and all other fields. SLT can transfer only the key fields.
I'm not sure that your task can be solved with standard solution.

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Former Member May 08, 2017 at 11:11 AM


where you able to solve the issue? i also need code(Trigger) to skip records deleted in source(Oracle) based on archiving user


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I was able to capture the delete and stop the record being deleted in HANA but for the deleted record I was able to capture only the Key Fields. The Data Fields where populating as blank.


Any Luck from your end. I heard SDI can handle the deletes well.

Nagaraj G Oct 11, 2017 at 05:08 AM

Hi Ganapathi,

Please refer the blog(Approach 3) that explains how to preserve history of the data using SLT. It requires to have a custom table in HANA to store history of the data :)




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