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Dec 05, 2006 at 06:59 PM

One More Try: Cost Center Master


I originally posted this at the end of October. I received zero replies, but I wanted to give the forum one more crack it. Thanks... ...Mike


We have a need to enhance the Cost Center Master, and have used enhancement COOMKS01 to add additional fields and maintain them via the CI_CSKS structure (on the "Additional Fields" tab of KS01,2,3).

In particular, we added a "Responsible PERNR" field which accepts an employee number. We would like to integrate that back to CSKS-VERAK (responsible person) , such that a change in PERNR will update the VERAK field with the first 20 characters of the employee's eName (from pa0002). Any idea how I can change the value of the CSKS-VERAK field at the same time.

Hope the question made sense. Thanks... ...Mike