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Dec 05, 2006 at 11:36 AM

Downloading files from R/3



We are currently facing a problem with downloading files from R/3.

We are using Single Sign-on between our EP6.0 portal and our R/3 system.

We start R/3 using a iView with transaction SMEN

When we run any transaction and try to download the data to a local file on the pc, we are getting some error messages, first we it looks like we have to enter some file attributes, this is were the Java Applet with the question where to store the file is supposed to come, after a while I can write in the filename and then I get a security warning, "an applet tries to download the file c:\temp\test" ,I press Yes and then I get an error message like this: Security Warning "Cannot write to file"

My guess is that we have to open some ports in the firewall, because the ITS servers and the Portal are not located in the same security zones, but does anyone know which ports we are using for this?

Best Regards