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Dec 05, 2006 at 07:18 AM

Restricting the user not to release the PR through ME54.



I will explain our current logic of PR workflow.

1. PR Individual Release.

2. Workflow is activated with User Exit which will create a work item with some logic and releasing the PR through ME54.

3. Release Strategy is based on the Cost Center Responsbile person, and his HR Master Data hierarchy and Signing Authority value.

System will pick up the Release Code based on the Cost Center Responsible person and checks his Signing Authority value, if the PR line item value is not met, system will pick up the second level by checking the Cost Center Responsible person's HR Master Data and finds his/her Boss and checks for hi/her Signing Authority Value and it goes on up to the highest level in the HR hierarchy.

Now, the issue is, one Cost Center Responsible person will have 15K as value and Other person may be having 100K as value. Both the cases, the release code would be 01, whereas the 15K value person can go and release the 100K value PR as the both cases are release code 01 only.

This is not happening through workflow, as user manually going and releasing through ME54 transaction. We cannot block the authorisation to run ME54 as it is called background while releasing through Workflow.

Can any one have idea how to restrict via system not to use the transaction : ME54. Your as usual support/help in this regard is highly appreciated.