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Dec 04, 2006 at 09:53 PM

Extracting Date (YYYYMMDD) from Key Figure Date type DEC



I have a problem relating to a date field being stored in an ODS as a Key Figure date (type DEC not DATS). I'd like to be able to bring loads out of this ODS into another structure and populate a Date Characteristic field based on the date that was stored in the original ODS but am unsure of how to do the calculation. From a bit of reading, it seems like the Key Figures of Date type DEC are determined based on the number of days since an internally stored date, but I'm not sure what that date is or where it's stored.

Here's an example that might shed more light:

In TESTODS1 I have a field called "keyfiguredate" of type DEC. A record was loaded into TESTODS1 and populated "keyfiguredate" using a date of 20061213. This was actually stored as 732,659 in TESTODS1 since the field is a key figure with type DEC.

Now, in TESTODS2 I have a characterstic field called "chardate" of type DATS. I'd like to load the record from TESTODS1 into TESTODS2 and have "chardate" populated with 20061213 (displayed as 12/13/2006) based on the value 732,659 stored in TESTODS1 field "keyfiguredate".

Thanks for your help!