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Dec 04, 2006 at 09:19 PM

Anonymous Portal ... Problem accessing images, css, js


Hi, i'm trying to build a web site to be accesed from internet and i'm having some trouble with some specific points (i'm new with SAP). I've seen many questions like this in the forums but none are finally answered.

I setup the anonymous portal based on SAP Instructions (, i'm using the Guest user to the anonymous users and i can access without login throught this adress http://localhost:50000/irj/portal/anonymous.

<b>First Question</b>

When i create a html using the html editor from the KM it work fine, i can see the page with the styles i used; but when i inssert an image uploaded, the page start to ask for authentication and don't show the image, if i enter a valid user and password it shows the image correctly. I tryed assinging permissions to the Guest user over the image and it doesn't work. As you know as i'm trying to make a Web Site to run on the Internet and it cannot ask the users of the portal to authenticate, this is my first question, how can i setup the portal to not ask authentication for this image? if i access the image directly also ask for authentication and shows an unauthorized page, i tryed this two links: http://localhost:50000/irj/go/km/docs/documents/abc_htmlfiles/images/0186.jpg


<b>Second Question</b>

Locally i create a html and i upload it through the KM, i used separate .css file (style sheet file) and .js file (javascript file) to make some effects but when i load the html to the KM Document Iview it shows only the text and doesn't recognize the files with the styles or the javascript; i have the html over the abc_htmlfiles directory (my test directory) and the css files on the css directory, look this is the directory structure on KM:




from the html i've tried to access the .css and .js like this:

<LINK rel="stylesheet" href="css/styles0.css" type="text/css"/>
<SCRIPT src="js/script0.js" type="text/javascript"></SCRIPT>

What is the path to access this kind of resources?

<b>Third Question</b>

Now i just can create html content in the web site, but i don't know how to create a navegation menu, a menu which show me the different sections and iviews, do you have a link where i can get a step by step to create a menu like this?

I really appreciate answers to my questions and think that i can assign some points (if you explain me how) to the people who help me.