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Dec 04, 2006 at 05:45 PM

Calling Web Service with NWDS 7.0.08


Hi All,

I'm just developing with NWDS 7.0.08 an Web Dynpro application. Within the requirements I have to implement an external web service (not an Portal web service). Now, I've reached to a point where I really need help.

First I've tried to implement the WSDL file over the wizard "Import Adaptive Web Service Model" by creation of the web service model. Unfortunatelly this failed with the following error message : "Error in loading the WSDL file. Check the error log for more details." By the way... I can't find any log file :-(. But when I check the URL with Web Service Checker in the Enterprise Portal Perspective it runs well.

The workaround was that I saved the WSDL file on my local drive, imported successfully and modified two files where the path of my local drive pointed to the WSDL file and not the URL.

After this step I mapped the model with the context, bind the value and call the service. Here a snippet :

 - wdContext.nodeReqIsUserGroup().bind(new Request_IsUserkidMemberOfGroup(lws_user));

 - wdContext.currentReqIsUserGroupElement().modelObject().execute();

<b>Following errors I get if I execute the application</b>:

- Warning ! Provider [SecurityProtocol] not found for feature in logical port [LdapGroup.cfc] !

- Attempting to create outgoing ssl connection without trusted certificates

- Exception on execution of web service with WSDL URL 'https://xxx/LdapGroup.cfc?WSDL' with operation 'isUserkidMemberOfGroup' in interface '{http://ldapTools.webservice}LdapGroup'

Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot,