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Apr 19, 2017 at 01:58 PM

BO Cloud connection to on-premise HANA


Hello, I want to know what the best-practices are for establishing a secure live connection from BOC to on-premise HANA. I saw that there are two options:

  • 1.Using a proxy (sap webdispatcher or Apache)
  • 2.Using SAP Cloud Platform

Is it possible to use the second option by accessing the SAP Cloud Platform and then making a connection to the on-premise SAP Cloud Platform Connector which will route the connection to the HANA database? Or is this second option only used for HANA databases which are available in SAP Cloud Platform?

In my option this second option looks like the nicest way to establish the connection, without publishing the HANA database directly to the internet (which is option1).

A little bit of guidance or advice is welcome.

Kind Regards,

Niek Verhaar