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How to Enable corporation field in info type 16 for Spain country grouping


For Spain country grouping, we would like enable corporation field in info type 16 (contract elements) checked the below parameter entry in table. And have checked in T588M Table, respective corporation field is missing. And tried to copy from golden client 000, It is missing in client 000. Then how to include this missing corporation field either to configure directly or any other possible way to fix this issue. Kindly do the need full.



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2 Answers

  • Apr 21, 2017 at 05:19 PM

    Hi Abdul:

    Field KONSL Corporation does not exit on screen 2004 (IT16 screen for Spain). You could try raise an OSS note requesting it (it might work).



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    • Hi Abdul:

      Apologies for the late follow up but I think notification failed to advice me you had updated this thread.

      What a good laugh your answer from OSS... I recommend you reopen a new message for PA-ES or PY-ES module. You can use this excuse 2286226 - Disable Q0016-KONSL in MP001600(2012) independently from P0016-KONDT.

      In Spain we use screen 2004 for IT16 because we have local specific fields; the screen does not have the corporate field (KONSL) on it. Base screen is 2000 does hold the corp. field. So to me its only a matter of OSS note. KONSL field is not a country specific feature. When it's not in the screen you cannot control it's behavior with V_T588M.

      In the past I have had quite a few negative encounter with OSS agents making wrongful statements; and it took me to insist to reach level 2... and while I am not saying that stating KONSL is not available in the standard delivery screen of contract infotype for Spain on purpose is correct I am saying its kind of very odd. There is no reference to it in the library for the Spanish solution.

      Actually doing a little digging KONSL field is "deactivated" for screen 2004 (PBO, PAI and also POV) but there is no reference to it in any note as for what it's been deactivated.

      Screen 2000

      Screen 2004

      Process After Input got the KONSL part deactivated; same for Process on value request

      Q0016-KONSL is reference in screen 2000 but not in screen 2004.

      Other options if OSS still gives you the same answer:

      a - see the possibility of using screen 2000 for Spanish employees (depends if have payroll or use country specific field and/or IT0061). If you have a basic global employee repository it probably is feasible.

      b - enhance your infotype (single screen) as commented by Volker... in tcode PM01. If ZP001600 does not exist in your system then you need to create it... but this should be done by a knowledgable technical resource.


      testscreen2000.png (29.2 kB)
      testscreen2004.png (40.5 kB)
      2000pai.png (35.9 kB)
      2004pai.png (26.4 kB)
      2000pov.png (17.8 kB)
      2004pov.png (29.2 kB)
  • Apr 19, 2017 at 01:12 PM

    may be your corporation field is not a SAP field?

    if so, check with transaction SE51 program ZP001600 (dynpro 0200 ??) if your fields are assigned to screen groups.

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