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EBS Program RFEBKA00 - Use of Algorithms

Hello All,

For loading EBS via program RFEBKA00 a varaint has been defined as XYZ.
In this varaint for Algorithms certain values has been defined
1. Doc.Number (BELNR) interval - lower & upper limit number has been defined
2. Ref.Number (XBLNR) interval - lower & upper limit number has been defined

I am trying to relate this values from the variant with EBS file but unable to relate it.

As I understand this fields contains numbers which should fall in certain fields from EBS file.

Can you please let me know more on the use of Algorithms for this 2 fields and how I can relate it with EBS File?

Note - We are using BAI2 Format

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  • Can someone revert on this please !!!

  • Adding more on my questions.

    I understand that the algorithm used in FF_5 is used for clearing.

    EBS File - Main Bank (Dr) & Bank Clearing (Cr) $100

    Customer Payment - Bank Clearing (Dr) & Customer (Cr) - $100 Doc # with ref ABC

    Now when I tried to upload the EBS file I entered doc # 1 & ABC in algorithm fields

    As per my understanding the use of algorithm is when we enter doc # 1 system will clear the bank clearing GL.

    In my case when I uploaded EBS I got msg difference too large for clearing and I had to do the clearing manually.

    Can you please help me to understand how I can use algorithm in FF_5 with an example?

    Thanks in advance for your response

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