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Former Member
Nov 30, 2006 at 04:03 PM

Problem Solving.....


The method that I use for problem solving is as follows.

1: Adapter Monitoring - To ensure that messages are getting transported into the pipeline to start with.

2: SXMB_MONI - Drill into the message itself to See where error occurred

3: Once Determined where error Occurred I go into the relevant XI Object and Problem solve within there...

Now this sounds good right? I first narrow down the problem and then problem solve from there...

So my question to you guys is first is this a good 3 steps to take.... Would do anything differently....

Secondly is to do with step 2: This is quite a long and laborious task for me... it takes a long time to find the errors and then decypher where it has occurred. So do you guys have any tips with regards to How to analyse within SXMB_MONI.... What do you look for first and it which sections of the message I should be looking?

Basically Im just looking for a logical step by step guide that I can apply to most scenarios.