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How to add products in buying history

Apr 18, 2017 at 05:41 PM


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Dear Community,

what are the prerequisites that products are being displayed in the buying history on the customer account “commerce”-tab?

  • Is a specific interaction needed? E.g. SHOP_CHECKOUT_SUCCES?
  • Can also custom interactions be used?
  • How should the purchased product be delivered? As interaction product?

Unfortunately, I can not find any information about this in the SAP-documents.

Thank you!

Best Peter

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4 Answers

Saurabh Kabra
Apr 19, 2017 at 06:03 PM


Please find my response for each point as follow:

1. You need to create a "SALES_ORDER" as interaction to generate Buying History with Products.

2. I am not sure but I do not think we can use Custom Interaction types to generate buying history.

3. Regarding Point 3 for Interaction Product, Can you please be more clear about your query?



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What is a difference between SALES_ORDER and SHOP_CHECKOUT_SUCCES interaction types, besides what you have mentioned?

We started using hybris Marketing a year ago and are using SHOP_CHECKOUT_SUCCES interaction for sales orders made in a web shop. I guess there is no way to convert these to SALES_ORDER.


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One implementation difference that we use:

SHOP_CHECKOUT_SUCCES is sent as web action from our web shop (SAP Hybris Commerce), and is sent at the actual checkout completion. In our case, this does not contain any products, but will just sent us the web shop order number.

The SALES_ORDER interaction is sent from our back-end e.g. SAP CRM. This links to the above web shop order number.

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Do you have a recommendation how to sent the order-number in SALES_ORDER interaction to match it later with an SHOP_CHECKOUT_SUCCES interaction? Do you use custom field or a hybris Marketing standard field?

thanks, Peter

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For SHOP_CHECKOUT_SUCCES we do not have the order number, except as a part of the LAUNCH_URL (we are using standard web actions from Hybris Commerce to Hybris Marketing). The SALES_ORDER has the order number in the SOURCE_OBJECT_ID field. Both interactions have the same SOURCE_SYSTEM_TYPE and SOURCE_SYSTEM_ID.

IF both interactions would have the order number in the SOURCE_OBJECT_ID field, you might use that for matching.

However, The customer journey insight seems to create the customer journey based on the timestamps (e.g. quite buggy), and we have not seen a standard way that links these two interactions in Hybris Marketing.

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Former Member Apr 20, 2017 at 12:30 AM

Regarding 3:

Assuming you will create Interaction SALES_ORDER, when sending the product information these should have been imported using Import Data or integrated from External System.

For instance the header of your Interaction


The Product(s) will be sent along with the above interaction as following


Then that product should already exist as SAP Hybris Marketing product master data e.g. in the tables

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Former Member Apr 23, 2017 at 06:56 PM

Thank you for your answers!
may I add some additional questions:

We'd like to differentiate if a purchase was made in nlineshop-1, onlineshop-2 or in a “offline” store (marketing location).
Is that even possible with only one SALES_ORDER-interaction? how?
What is the purpose of the SHOP_CHECKOUT_SUCCES interaction, if it's not for sales oders?

Must the "Communication Medium" set to "BUSINESS_DOCUMENT" - what is the purpose of "BUSINESS_DOCUMENT"? Can also e.g. "WEB" be used?

Thank you once again,
Best Peter

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Former Member Apr 24, 2017 at 04:45 AM

Dear Peter,

Let's start with the easy answer first. Regarding the communication method, besides business document you can use web, or any other value that you customize in the Hybris Marketing application server. See "Channel Assignment" in below website for examples.

Import of Interaction Data Using OData Services

If you look above, you can see that the Business Document with IA type Sales Order can have different Interaction Channels, maybe you could try to play around with that. Or what is easier is to use source system to differentiate between the types of shops.

SourceSystemIdID of the system which stores the raw data or detailed information, such as a clickstream monitoring IDSourceSystemTypeType of system which stores the raw data or detailed information, such as a clickstream monitoring tool
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