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Unspecified Error Prior to Parameter Dialog Display

I have programmed a viewer currently in use by many clients running the redistributable Crystal version 13.0.9. VB2015.

I have recently upgraded my development computers to 13.0.16 while updating my application for some newer features.

I've recently found a difference between my desktop Win7 Pro SP1 computer and my Win8.1 Pro notebook. Both are running the same compiled exe of my program. Both are running SAP Crystal Reports, version for MSVS No redistributable is installed on either computer.

On a report last saved in CRXI, the notebook will work properly. The desktop gives me an "unspecified error" just prior to seeing the parameter dialog. The notebook runs properly. On both computers, I can run the report properly in the designer.

I upgraded the report and saved it in CR2011. Same results on both computers in Crystal 2011 and in my application.

I started redesigning the report to find out what was wrong and narrowed it down to a parameter set as Number with two options of 0 an 1. No matter what options I set (Allow Custom Values, etc.), my viewer program will not run it on my desktop Win7 machine but the Win8.1 notebook is ok while that number parameter is in the report.

I altered the report to allow the prompt to be string with the same 0 and 1 value options and redid the selection formula to use ToNumber. It now works on my desktop computer and notebook.

I created a new simple report in CR 2011 with one table from my database and one static number parameter, no custom values, with defaults as 0 and 1. Still same error on my desktop but no problems on my notebook. So the problem is not related to the upgrade from CRXI.

I did have a couple of people mention it but they never did tell me if they had upgraded the Crystal print engine or not. I altered their report parameters to string and they stopped complaining. However, I did not see it on my computer until after I upgraded to 13.0.16.

Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour recently and know of a solution that will enable me to continue to use number parameters?

Any help is appreciated, rasinc.

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2 Answers

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    Apr 18, 2017 at 04:25 PM

    Try SP 19 or wait a week or 2 for SP 20 and see if that helps.

    Could be the DB drivers causing the issue, how are you connecting and what DB server are you using?

    Windows or WEB app?


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  • Apr 18, 2017 at 09:06 PM

    Thanks Don. All drivers have been the same for over 3 years and are the same on both computers. Winforms app in VB2015. Main database is MySQL currently running locally on both computers but also tested running a database from the server. I just ran a test on a report that runs in the same viewer using csv file data only and it does the same thing.

    For this last report test I just created a Number Parameter in a report that had none to begin with. This time I didn't have it referenced in code, just placed it in a page header to trigger it to get a value and it gave me the unspecified error again before seeing the parameter dialog.

    I then changed it to String, hit Save and it worked properly in my viewer. So the database drivers are not the issue here.

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