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Apr 18, 2017 at 04:08 PM


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Hi experts.

I want to know if there´s a way to know in what language BPC is working. Is there any EPMFunction to know the language.

I need that all the reports works in English and Spanish, so what I´m looking for is a EPMFunction that tells me this. So the texts that are statical (like the name of the report) changes when the language is Spanish or English.

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Vadim Kalinin Apr 18, 2017 at 05:24 PM

Language is set in the user options and you can read it using VBA GetUserOption("LanguageEdition") or GetUserOption("LanguageIsoCode") - read help SetUserOption

Another way is to have some cell on the report with a member description you know in Spanish or English. Then just compare this cell with a known value.

For example in the cell you have:


And in English the result is YYYY

In Spanish the result is ZZZZ



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Thanks Vadim.

I´m trying by VBA using the API GetUserOption. I need that the result would be written in some cell, for example cell G3.

So, If the LanguageEdition is in English on this cell G3 the value would be "en".

I tried with LanguageEdition and LanguageIsoCode but there´s not value, the cell is empty.


Dim epm As New EPMAddInAutomation

Dim str As String

str = epm.GetUserOption(LanguageEdition)

Hoja1.Range("G3").Value = str

End Function


Instead of

str = epm.GetUserOption(LanguageEdition)


str = epm.GetUserOption("LanguageEdition")

function parameter is a string!

P.S. To prevent errors like the above use:

Option Explicit

before your code :)


Thanks for your help. Is exactly what I needed. It works fine.


But why you don't like my second proposal - absolutely easy and require no VBA?