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Service Call query stopped working

For some reason, the below query has stopped working as of 13th September last year and for the life in me, I cannot figure why.
The only change we made to the service call section was to set a few fields as mandatory - could that have anything to do with it? Taking the mandatory fields out (or turning them off) still doesn't fix this, however.

Does anybody have any idea why this has happened/it is doing this? As this is hurting my tiny brain since I see no reason why the 13th September, last year should have any significance - it wasn't even a Friday lol

SELECT T1.[DocNum] AS 'Document Number'
, T0.[Name] AS 'Call Status'
, T1.[createDate] AS 'Creation Date'
, T1.[customer] AS 'Customer Code'
, T1.[custmrName] AS 'Customer Name'
, T1.[NumAtCard] AS 'Customer Ref. No.'
, T1.[itemCode] AS 'Item No.'
, T1.[itemName] AS 'Item Description'
, T1.[itemGroup] AS 'Item Group'
, T1.[subject] AS 'Subject'
, T1.[U_IIS_Batch_Number] AS 'Batch Number'
, T2.[Name] AS 'Non Conformance Code'
, T2.[Descriptio] AS 'Non Conformance Description'

FROM [dbo].[OSCS] T0
INNER JOIN [dbo].[OSCL] T1 ON T1.[status] = T0.[statusID]
INNER JOIN [dbo].[OPST] T2 ON T2.[ProSubTyId] = T1.[ProSubType]

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  • Hi Roy,

    This query works fine for me. Did you receive some error when you execute?

    Kind Regards,

    Diego Lother

  • Hi Roy,

    To rephrase Diego's question, could you please describe in a little more detail what you mean with "stopped working"? It doesn't give you any results? It throws an error? The result is less than what you expected? The result is more than what you expected? etc.



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