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Nov 30, 2006 at 12:13 PM

[SLD] Problems with Export



I have to move from development to test-system, so I did an export

of design objects and the admin import this file into the new system.

He didn't create the Business Systems, Technical System, SWK or

Product in SLD, so I thought I could do this manuelly. I created all

object with same name as in development system, but in directory

he couldn't find all interfaces while defining determination and agreements.

So I found in another thread, that I have to export the SLD objects because

of an ID they have, is this correct?

Is it normal, that I can't edit design objects after import in new system or is

it because of authorisation?

The manual "How To…Handle the SLD for SAP XI" describes how to export

objects from SLD, but when I try to download the export file a error occurs:

"The requested resource does not exist." But only with BS and TS. The product

and SWK could be download normally. Any ideas why?

The correct way of exporting is:

-Export/Import technical system

-Export/Import business system

-Export/Import product

-Export/Import SWK

-Export/Import design objects

-Create configuration objects (communication channel and so on)