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Scenario for ordering and transfering.

Hi All,

Here is the scenario I need your help with: We have one plant, where users in various locations around the plant order materials from our onsite warehouse. From a system point of view, what is the best way to place an order in SAP and have the warehouse staff deliver the products? The materials are consumable items, such as gloves, chemicals, etc. The users will use their cost center to order the materials. Specifically, what is the best transaction to use to order the materials, and what is the best transaction to use to transfer or deliver the items from the warehouse to the buildings around the plant? It is all internal, within company, and in the same plant. We do not use Business Warehouse Module, we only have MM module available.

Thank you

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  • business warehouse tag removed - you are confusing it with warehouse management - one is for analytics and the other to manage stocks in more depth than one can do with MM

  • Thanks Jürgen! The Warehouse Management module is what really need. I saw that used in one of my previous roles but we are not able to use it here. I have some idea of what to do here but I am just seeing what the experts say about which transactions are best for this scenario.

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    Apr 19, 2017 at 06:11 AM

    Consumable items means in SAP Non-stock items, which means they are expensed with the goods receipt and no inventory management is done. Without having inventory in SAP there is no formal process to request such inventory to be delivered from the store to the place of the requester.

    So the informal process would be to call the warehouse to ask if this material is there, the warehouse people will spread out and search (as it is not known from within the system where it is stored, since you do not manage inventory) and can then tell you if there is something available and can finally deliver it to the requester.

    With inventory in the system the users could order it from the store by creating a reservation with movement type 201.

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    • yes, then that is what we will do. We do manage the inventory in SAP even though SAP has no formal process. We will use MB21 to order from the various locations inside the plant using movement type 201. Then the warehouse staff can use MB26 to pick the orders. Do you think this will work or is there some other better way to manage it? This may not be ideal but without WHM module to use all we have is Inventory Management module. Thank you in advance.