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Nov 30, 2006 at 09:49 AM

using "signal in"



I use in my application two signals-in (in one iView).

I would like to put their values in store, and get them from there later, but if I refere to their values in store - they appear to be empty.

The only thing that worked was connecting each signal to corresponding form (since I failed to connect one form to two signals-in), and refere their values from this form. (I need to find another way, because these forms just make my App bigger)

Another way I'm trying is connecting each input to data service, everytime I need it, but I can't choose the event on link from signal to data store. So I'm not sure that parameters are passed correctly this way: the branch with event chosen by me passes part of parameters, and the signal in should pass it's parameters.

How sould I use signal in?