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Extracting HANA Components (before for installation)

Hi Experts,

I am new to extracting and installing HANA , I'd like to ask and double check for some points related to HDBLCM HANA 2.0 SP1 , I downloaded the installation medium from the service marketplace but my questions are related to the configuration files' parameters that are not clear even after reading the parameters chapter in the server installation manual

[A] Extracting Step :

# Location of SAP HANA Database Component Archives
# Temporary Extract Directory
# Location of 'SAPCAR' Executable
# Location of 'tar' Executable
# Location of 'unrar' Executable

-Concerning the first parameter component_archives_dir :

I see a directory for each component so does component_archives_dir take the root directory (the location of the folder containing all folders for individual components) or a comma separated list for each component's directory ?

-Concerning the second parameter extract_temp_dir

I know it refers to the directory where the extracted files will be located , but my three questions here :

1) Will that location contain folders for each component , in other words is the extraction-to directory hierarchy recursively created based on the directories of compressed components ?

2) will that directory specified in extract_temp_dir be the root directory in which the HDBLCM will look for components during installation step (after extracting step ) ?

3) Are the compressed files to be extracted those .SAR files ?

Concerning Third and Fourth parameters tar_executable_location , unrar_executable_location

are the tools for which i specify these two locations used for extraction or a production of extraction step

in general after generating extraction template configuration file it contained also the following parameters :

# Location of SAP HANA Database Installation Medium
# Comma separated list of component directories
# Directory root to search for components
# Skip all SAP Host Agent calls ( Default: n )
# Remote Execution ( Default: ssh; Valid values: ssh | saphostagent )

1) are the specification of the first three parameters necessary since I have already specified the component_archives_dir in the extraction section , so what's the needs for that three parameters at that step ? could I omit them all at that step or an error will occur ?

2) I could not get the use of skip_hostagent_calls if you explain to me the usethat parameter it will be helpful

3) for that stage I am implementing hana on single host , so what proper value should I give for remote_execution paramter

thanks and best regards

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