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Nov 29, 2006 at 08:15 PM

UD Connect / Connections to MS SQL Server 2000 not closed


Hi all,

we are using a BI 7.0 system (located in Germany) and want to extract data from a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (located in China) via UD Connect.

We configured the J2EE Engine with the Visual Administrator according to the How-To-Guide "How to... Configure UD Connect on the J2EE Server for JDBC Access to External Databases". In addition we enabled the "Expiration" feature of the Connector as described in note 946541.

When tracing the MS SQL Server and launching UD Connect related activities such as previewing or extracting data, I can see in the trace that there are "Audit Login" events (so there are connections set up from the J2EE Server/JDBC Connector) but those connections do often not close, say there is no "Audit Logout" event. Over time it then comes to the effect, that more and more connections are established and MS SQL Server processes get occupied.

We already tried this scenario without the "Expiration" setting enabled and with two different JDBC drivers:

- Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server 2000 SP1 (actually we did not try SP2 or SP3 versions, because the SQL Server we access is the original release (= no service pack))

- Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server 2005 1.1 (SAP advised me to try this one)

Furthermore, I can see in the Enterprise Manager that previewing data for a UD Connect DataSource sometimes results in a process on the SQL Server that stays in status "runnable" and with WaitType NETWORKIO and Command SELECT for an infinite time.

Any idea, what might be the reason about these strange connection problems?

Thanks to any answers in advance!

Best regards,